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Wim Nival: "Walking Pi"
Book & limited edition


Order your copy of the book and/or the limited edition via e-mail: or by phone +32(0)479 49 88 97 (Thijs).


With a camera in hand, Wim Nival has "walked" the number Pi out of his fascination for this number. He tried to experience the idea of "the infinite - i.e. the endlesness", in witch the act itself - walking according to a certain set of numbers - evokes a meditative feeling.

The photos are published in a book by Paper View Books, a publisher specialized in limited editions, artist books, etc...

The book will be available during the solo show "drie één vier één vijf negen twee" of Wim Nival at Settantotto Art Gallery.

Walking Pi 1.JPG

Limited edition

For 20 copies of the book, Wim Nival has made a limited edition, numbered from 1 to 20. The edition is a series of cards, that contain the number Pi, going on throughout the 20 cards. Every card has 10 numbers, that are also perforated. 


Perforations refer to the tension between presence and absence. The repetitive process of perforating has a meditative quality for the artist: being absorbed by this repetitive act, thoughts disappear.

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Because the number Pi goes on throughout the 20 different cards of the edition, every work is unique.


Everyone that purchases the edition gets a piece of the "endlesness".

Walking Pi 2.JPG
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