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Upcoming, current and past shows

The Ballroom project 2024

The Ballroom Project (upcoming)

Settantotto participates at The Ballroom Project (Antwerp) with a solo booth by herman de vries and work by Bert De Geyter in the curated section.

harvest herman de vries solo

herman de vries - harvest (now on view)

Second solo show by herman de vries (°1931) at the gallery. Showcasing recent works by the contemporary Dutch Master and pioneer of nature art.

Wim Nival solo show

Wim Nival - drie één vier één vijf negen twee

Comprehensive gallery show by Ghent based artist Wim Nival (°1968), showcasing a large selection of his work, in a variety of techniques.

Wim Nival starts from existing materials, curiosities, objects, ... which he processes in his typical way into small sculptures, collages and works in mixed media. A fascination for the repetitive, the small, the used and the (im)measurable defines the aesthetics of his work.

Introduction by art critic and historian Antoon Melissen.

zero and co group show

Zero and Co

Group show with historic works by international artists that belonged to or had close ties with the ZERO movement.

Founded in 1958 in Düsseldorf (Germany) by Heinz Mack and Otto Piene and later joined by Gunther Uecker, ZERO grew into an international art movement when other artists from The Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium joined.

Highlights of the exhibition include a partly burned red flag by Bernard Aubertin (1960's), an important sculpture by herman de vries (1960's), several 'random objectivation' collages by herman de vries (1960's), relief prints from Jan Schoonhoven (1972), 2 'espaces concentrées' by Hans Bischoffshausen, etc...

Other artists include Hermann Bartels, Leo Erb, Jan Henderikse, Christian Megert, Jan Schoonhoven, Turi Simeti, Herbert Zangs.

Bert De Geyter solo show with amazing grace

Bert De Geyter With Amazing Grace

Solo show by Bert De Geyter. Works with a brutal honesty, that don't shy away from dark emotions but embrace them.

Art on Paper Brussels 2023

Art on Paper 2023

Solo booth with works on paper from herman de vries. Earth rubbings, charcoal drawings and a rare ink.

Zwart Wit Belgian abstraction


Historic overview of Belgian abstract art in black and white from 1958 until now: Bogart, De Cock, Dessauvage, Lismonde, Nival, Rubens, Seuphor, Swimberghe, Ubac, Van Anderlecht, Van Doorslaer, Van Severen, Verdren, Verstockt.

Always on the Run Floris Boccanegra war immigration

Always on the Run

Floris Boccanegra

change herman de vries


herman de vries

Gilbert Swimberghe solo

Gilbert Swimberghe

Gilbert Swimberghe

Tom McGlynn solo show

Tom McGlynn - Interval

Solo show by NYC based artist Tom McGlynn

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